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About Dynamic Orthotics

Our new Foot Point Center in Leicester wants to make a valuable contribution to improving the welfare and quality of your life.

Having problems with your feet, your legs?

Scoliosis, back-ache, neck pain?

We can help you solve these problems.

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Caring for your posture

Generally speaking, posture is the position our body assumes in space. A correct posture corresponds to the appropriate alignment of the skeleton that does not generate muscular stress and, therefore, does not overload the joints.

Posture is the result of all the esteroceptive and proprioceptive somato-sensorial information we receive from our surroundings, therefore it is fundamental to take good care of it.

The Dynamic Orthotics centre offers a nationwide service for preventing, evaluating and curing dysfunctional-algic problems affecting a patient’s posture.

Assuming a correct posture is important

Because it enables us to do our work with the lowest expenditure of energy.

Assuming a correct posture is important, because it enables us to do our work without putting extra stress on our joints and muscles.

Bad posture can affect the sight, hearing, vestibule headset, dental occlusion, tongue and sole of the foot.

Problems to any one of these elements can affect the whole system and, therefore, the entire body.

With careful examination, our specialists can detect the degree of alteration required of the postural system and decide on the most suitable treatment (rebalancing the foot by mean of insoles, physiotherapy, postural bites, etc.).

What we do

The centre offers valuable technical advice on biomechanics to improve the efficiency, morale and welfare of the human being.

Good posture plays an important role in the daily life of any person, in study, in work and in sports and especially in children.

The centre's philosophy is based on three fundamental aspects: the scientific, quality and comfort.

The centre also aims to be the reference point for the world of competitive sports and for those who practice sport at amateur level.

Our staff over the years have made a valuable contribution to medical and scientific research for the development of sport by supporting athletes, coaches, personal trainers and sport companies.

The team ensures the potential for recovery as well as preventing new injuries.

Orthotics Services

Professional orthotic fitting - foot supports that control the way your foot functions

The Dynamic Orthotics control the way your foot functions and can compensate for deformities and other anomalies to add support and relieve foot pain.

The Dynamic Orthotics are chosen by our foot care specialists, who evaluate requirements based on gait analysis and in conjunction with your personal needs (the shoes you wear, how much walking you do, the sport etc...)

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What our customers are saying

“Great professional staff in the service of sport to give a valuable contribution to every high-level athlete."

Martin Castrogiovanni, Toulon

“Indispensable, pleasant, to improve the performance and avoid injuries from overhead. I always am using the insoles, since I was a child, expecially when I first started playing rugby..., now I can not help it!”

Tiziano Pasquali, Leicester Tigers

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