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Bio Feedback

Proprioception is a multi-sensory experience through the muscles and joints, skin, tendons and so on. It is able to control the anti-gravity movements.

Proprioception assumes, therefore, of fundamental importance in the complex mechanism of control of the movement because it represents the ability of the central nervous system to sense the position of the body and its parts as well as muscle contraction and movement in space of the various parts of the body (kinesthetic).

Proprioception is therefore of fundamental importance in the complex system of balance.

From the peripheral receptors, especially those with breech deliveries, depends on the knowledge of which is our "shape" and spatial position; to some extent, "where there is the body."

The visit posturology can completatarsi with a specific "integrated treatment" aimed at improving body balance

The "treatment" is carried out through biofeedback proprioceptive exercises, customized for each patient, which aims to re-program the foot proprioception and improve postural alignment of the entire system

A treatment of BFB C Pressure will have a duration of 3-4 weeks, repeat the exercise up to three times a week.

The stimulation with biofeedback applied urging the plantar surface allows you to change the entire body posture.

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