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Tiziano Pasquali (Top Rugby Player)“Indispensable, pleasant, to improve performance and avoid injuries from overhead. I have been using their insoles since I was a child, especially when I first started playing rugby... now I can not help it!”

Martin Castrogiovanni (Top Rugby Player)“Great professional staff in the service of sport to give a valuable contribution to every high-level athlete.”

Logovi’I Mulipola (Top Samoan Rugby Player) “Walking well and improving the posture is very important, especially in sports. I recommend everyone to use Dynamic Orthotics to improve sport performance, in particular for the high level athlete."

Veronica Borsi (Italian Hurdler) National record 100 metres hurdles 12,76 “The Power is nothing without the control... of feet! Thanks.”

Daniele Scarpa (Italian Paddler - Gold Medalist, Olympics Atlanta 1996)"Tribute to Doctor Marco Pasquali he made the footbar of my kayak and i used It in two olympics game. Barcelona 1992 (two final 5 &7)and at Atlanta 1996 (Gold &Silver). Thanks a Lot Marco Im still use It."

Dott. Michelangelo Giampietro"Testimonial coming soon..."

Dott. Andrea Scala"Testimonial coming soon..."

Dott. Marcello Grimaldi"Our center, in order to continuously improve the services to its members, has signed an agreement with the centre for Analysis Baropodometric to Rome, directed by prof. Marco Pasquali, famous technical analyst and orthopedic posturologist in Italy and abroad. The proposal is the analysis of foot and of posture dynamically through an advanced computerized instrumentation that is able to highlight postural abnormalities and thus prevent many diseases related to posture and the support of the foot. Important and fundamental is the test for the children and the young people (10-18) to prevent and possibly treat with the Dynamic Orthotics, special insoles, the anomalies detected in the test."

Vincenzo De Luca (Italy Team Athletics Speed Coach) "The use of orthotic insoles for Sport is becoming decisive to achieve performance in high-level sports. The dynamic orthotics are recommended to reduce or eliminate the pain related to wrong posture. A biomechanical mal-alignment or lack of stability from the foot region can cause abnormal loads on the tissues of the foot and heel, shin, knee or back pain can develop as a result which do not allow the athlete to perform better performance in sport. Correcting these problems using custom-made Dynamic Orthotics is an important part of the injury treatment. In my experience as Coach of the National Teams, many have been the cases where the use of the Dynamic Orthotics has allowed the athlete to achieve excellent results in national and international performance.”

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